Looking for ATV/4 Wheeler Ornament

I’ve been looking at all the svg files and Etsy but can’t find a decent 4 wheeler graphic that will make a nice ornament. I don’t want to engrave it on a round ornament. I would prefer a nice cut out with a young rider if possible. Any ideas where to look?


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Thanks! I’ve seen most of these and some of them don’t connect and I have no idea how to weld them. I’ve seen some outlines but would like a little more detail to cut out or engrave and some room to engrave his name.

What design software are you comfortable with?

Just now learning Silhouette

You might try The Noun Project https://thenounproject.com/search/?q=atv&i=1664564

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How’s this?



That might work. Awesome!!!

Just in case you run into issues, the red will come in as a default engrave, but you can choose cut and it will cut just the outline of the whole shape.

It’s a great SVG!

Are the tires supposed to be cut in half?

They’re not. It’s just the view you see here.

No, it’s fine once you open it.

Yes, I never think of that. I tend to use red as the background mainly for my old eyes I guess.


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