Looking for cast acrylic in Canada

Hello - I am searching for cast acrylic from a Canadian source. I have unfortunately been incorrectly sold extruded acrylic twice now. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Do you have personal experience ordering from Trotec? Which of their several clear acrylic options would you recommend?

I am in the US, so my Trotec supply shipped from the US. I bought their TroGlass LED white matte and a blue from their TroGlass Satin section. I had to set up an account and get approved by them before I could order. The process of getting approved was quick. I didn’t order right away, and one day I got an email from them saying they hoped I would order. The email included a coupon for $25 off $100 and free shipping. I will order from them again without hesitation.


Hi, I have ordered from trotec in Toronto (engraving-supplies.ca) several times. The don’t process payment online but call the next day for payment and order confirmation. But otherwise, everything has come quickly. Note that Their standard sized acrylic is about 10cm too wide and I have to cut a strip off each sheet.

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Thanks Andrew! What do you use to cut it to size?

There are exacto type knives with a hook specifically for the task. The only ones I can find on Amazon at the moment are outrageously priced (with shipping from the US) but they look like this.

The one I got was from an art materials store, but a hardware probably has them too. You need a good ruler, drag the hook along the edge with multiple passes, and when you are about 1/2 way through, I snap the sheet at the edge of the table. And if you have a pro (I don’t), I guess you could use the pass through to trim the sheet).


Ooohh… found the official name for them “Acrylic Plastic Sheet Perspex Cutter Hook Cutting Tool”

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Haha… What a mouthful! Thank you very much for this information! Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Home Depot and Lowes carry them too. They’re in the cut sheet plastic section.