Looking for components to make sunglasses

Saw these online, wondered if anyone here had made something similar and where you got the glasses components


I assume you mean the “findings”, not the (acrylic?) lenses? That’s a good question. Let’s see. I might try google for “eyeglass parts” or maybe ebay. I’ll go look.

Hmm optisource has a ton of stuff


Here’s a roundup of rimless eyeglass parts, might help to figure out search terms.

Hilco sells some parts…


Zoye too:

Zoye is actually pretty good. I’ll leave it here. Interesting question, though, never thought to look for that stuff.


I had a silversmith friend that was just starting out when his glasses broke and did not have the cash to buy new, So he made his own setting the glass like a stone and kept working.

He must have sold dozens of them to folk who saw him wearing his. :grin:


If you are canny, you can make your own. These are fully hinged - though somewhat crudely. They could be made better. I found when making these, that being able to have different length ear pieces was a necessity, human heads really do vary a lot!!


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