Looking For Corporate Gift Ideas

I would love to hear your thoughts on gifts you make as a thank you. It is the main reason I bought the GF to be able to personalize gifts. I believe we can all benefit from this :slight_smile: Thank you in advance…

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That is where the glowforge shines!

I’m working on a trophy level award now (6.5" x 10" oriented portrait) that is an engraving on oak, the recognizing authority logo in the upper area, with the commemoration engraved in glass green acrylic positioned below mounted on 1/2" stand-offs.
Mixed materials Give a touch of elegance I think. Maybe a bit elaborate for a thank you, depending on your level of gratitude.
One thing for sure, having a laser at your disposal allows unparalleled detail for anything from a quick custom message to an elaborate trophy. :sunglasses:

I have incised travertine (with as many as 10 passes), bleached a message on slate, made my own greeting cards… it’s a long list.


One of the coolest things you can do, in my opinion, is make something unique that could not be bought anywhere. So for instance, making a picture frame in a shape that has special meaning for the person (like their own pet for example) as opposed to engraving a name on a commercial frame. Takes some extra effort, but worth it.


Thank you for sharing :+1:t2:

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On the other side of the coin I have found that I can make little coin sized (1 to 3" Dia.)pieces with an engraved Dragon on one side and the business phone and Etsy location on the back that I use like business cards. Everyone that gets one treasures it and shows it to all their friends and treats it in ways they would never treat an ordinary business card, remembering you and hopefully thinking of your work when wanting something that you can provide.


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