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Hello I am new to Glowforge and this community I am looking to make a moulin rouge themed card box for a friends birthday party. I would like to add the infamous red windmill on top of the card box. Is there anyone out here that could design a cut file for the windmill that sits atop the red moulin rouge building in Paris France. Any help one can give would be greatly appreciated. Or maybe someone already has one that they would like to share.

Hey welcome. I’d start with google:



Welcome to the forum.
You may wish to search Etsy for laser files similar to what you desire or Google Moulin Rouge windmill. Places like vectorstock have such images available.

I urge you to work through the Glowforge tutorials if you haven’t already, and if you have a trial subscription to the Premier designs you may want to look though the available images for a suitable windmill.

As for your last suggestion that someone on the forum has a file to share, if any users wishes to share a file they post it in the Free Laser Designs section of the forum. It is against forum rules to ask for files.


Thank you very much for your response to my inquiry. I am definitely not trying to break any rules especially in my very first post.

No worries. The forum rules are not obvious, and many folks have made the same mistake. Just for reference, here is a link to the rules: FAQ - Glowforge Owners Forum

Thank you very much for your response to my inquiry. It is greatly appreciated. I believe I found one that could be tweaked a bit to my needs.

Again thank you.

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