Looking for double sided engravable plastic?

Asking for some help sourcing materials please - I’d like to make some keychains with writing on both sides and laser engravable plastic looks great for this except I’m having a hard time finding double-sided engravable plastic sheets. I’m looking at johnson plastics but I haven’t been able to find it yet - all I see is one-sided or three-ply which isn’t really what I’m looking for either. Is it available somewhere or are one-sided plastics my only option?

What about taking two sheets of one side and gluing them back-to-back?


If the plastic is opaque you can engrave both sides, if three-ply you can have each side be two colors. Otherwise, sheets of anything with only one side sounds like magnetic monopoles.

If you engrave and paint the engraving before removing the masking that will provide two colors that way as well.


Too thick and don’t want the seam or the assembly.

I don’t think what you are lookig for exists.

Engrave and paint is probably your best option.

The three ply that I’ve seen is a thin top layer, and two thicker layers. What I’m hoping to find is a core color with a thin outer layer on each side. So, technically 3-ply but also not like the 3-ply that looks like its getting cut to two different depths from the same side.

You have a couple of choices. The Rowmark is 1/8 and the IPI is 1/16 inch thick. Choose the 3 ply on both links below and should be what you want.



Engrave and paint would have the effect that I want but I was hoping to avoid the painting step and would be afraid the paint would wear away. As keychains, they should hopefully be able to withstand everyday abuse.

That is one place where a low LPI (~240) can be promising as the surface would be rough and thus harder to wear through.


Looks like hanespe directed you to what you need. I had never seen it - I have made tokens/cois using engrave and paint as I thought you would need to do… :+1:


Trotec supplies also has a variety of double-sided engraving plastic. You just need to set up an account with them to see pricing. But i believe that also sell stock on amazon, which would be a more affordable option if you aren’t going to order enough for free shipping ($300 i think), because their shipping prices are killer. On amazon its a flat 10 costs for shipping i think



I would try custom made better. They do custom prints and could probably do this for you

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Found it - Thank you! @hansepe and @CMadok for the links!

The IPI and TroLase are exactly what I was looking for at 1/16".


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