Looking for feedback on my Leather wallet pattern

Good evening Glowforge family!
So I’ve been seeing some good results with my leather wallet pattern as far as prints per month, so I wanted to ask the community.

If you have printed this wallet, what are some things you do or don’t like about it? Any suggestions or changes you would recommend?

Most of my crafting of late has been leather oriented and I’m looking to see what people like about this for my next big project.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen it… But I’ll try and find it, add it to my dashboard and give it a shot next time I have some leather. Thanks!


If you look by designer it’s under Hock’s Crafting guild! I also have a leather bookmarker and a reading tool in the catalog. I’ve got some leather patterns I want to upload but don’t feel like uploading and doing all the extra legwork if it’s not gonna get used


A small oval on the backside can make getting the cards (out) way easier - you’d probably only want to do it one side though.


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