Looking for help making stencil

I am trying to make a stencil for painting stars on a flag project. Is there a quick and easy way to set up to cut out the stars? I’m not very computer savvy. I use Paint Shop Pro, but have Inkscape in my computer.

Please help.

Inkscape has a star in the tool bar. All you need to do is click on it make a star to size save the file, upload to the GF and set to cut. It will cut out the start and you will have you stencil. To make more than one on you page just right click on the star and then click on duplicate on the drop down menu then you can move the copy anywhere you like. The copy will be directly on top of the original so use your cursor keys to move it.

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I think that the stencil is your end goal, but what you may need first is a foundation for how to work with the Glowforge.

Here’s a good place to start:

It’s not a “this is exactly how to make the specific stencil you want” kind of answer but everything you need to know is in there.


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