Looking for help: modified ear savers... aka - inkscape is... migraine inducing

Howdy everyone, I’m hoping this is an easy ask… it was not an easy thing for me to try… so after 3hrs of fighting with editors I am reaching out for help.

A good friend of ours is a nurse and we made ear savers for him and their co-workers which they loved, however, the our friend has a huge head and the standard ear saver is uncomfortable or even ripping the loops off his disposable masks… he asked if I could make him some with maybe 2 or 3 additional mask loops to see if that would work better for him… I was able to achieve this in gimp, but I could not get it back into a usable format (I had to put a background in and removing the background deteriorated the line quality.

I would love to learn how to do this, but at this point, its more important that I get our friend tools to make his day to day life a bit more comfortable at work, so I’m hoping someone here can help out a bit.



longer ear saver

Do you need more?

Inscape on a single using the cut and the union booleans.

seven looplonger ear saver

Here is a seven loop


As a person with a slightly larger head, you might also want to try the half-savers. Somewhere, there is a sheet of earsavers and every other line you only get half a “saver” at each end. But they added a hole where the “center” would be. I just add a piece of elastic between 2 of those and viola. Earsavers of any size I need, and flexible and 1000 times more comfortable. I even thought about trying to design an entire sheet of the half ones, but I’m a teacher…who has time?



This is one I did with 20% flexis


Thank you! That is what I was trying to do last night, but I never got those features to actually do anything when I selected the modified pieces.

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Had not seen those, thats a pretty brilliant idea. Thanks (and I see someone posted that design below too!)


Thank you! I’ll make them a one of each and see what they like best. Appreciate the help!


Just as an update, this turned out to be too fragile (not really surprised, it was crazy long once cut) but they are definitely excited about the halfsies that @rbtdanforth enlightened us to.

Thank you both again, we’ve since passed out about 40 ear savers to medical employees :smiley:


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