Looking for help on a file - will pay

I am a hobbyist. I dont’ sell things. I have a friend who asked me to make some trophies for an event he is hosting but I am having difficulty separating the file. I will gladly pay for the support. I would like to separate the trees - which I can - and have the rest all unioned together - which I cannot figure out, even with the manual in front of me. Appreciate the time, thank you.

GRUSK 2020 Logo B&W 1st Place (1).ai (385.1 KB)

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Can you be a little more specific about what you mean by “the rest all unioned together”?

Do you want to engrave this on something?
Remove the trees? then engrave?


Not quite sure what you’re after either, however, I moved the trees and did a union of everything else. This then makes the word GRUSK be a part of the outline, etc. I copied and pasted GRUSK to place on top of all the parts of it that are in the ‘unioned’ area.
Not sure if this is what you want, but a start. More explanation would be helpful. If anyone can help it will be @jestelle !!
grusk modified


Thank you - I was trying to create basically what @rvogt created to engrave and then cut the trees for a second layer. I apologize for not being specific but really appreciate the help from both of you!!

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Do you want it to look like this?

And if so, just to engrave on something? Or do you need to do any cuts?

Happy to help if you give us some more details :smiley:


Where would the trees layer go?

Also, I notice the trees layer is a raster/bitmap image… if you have a vector version, you’ll have some more flexibility.

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This version would be awesome - just to engrave.

If you have premium, just move the tree layer and pull the file into GF. Then set everything to engrave except the tree layer… use the tree layer and create an outline around it. Set the outline to cut and it will cut the tree outline out for you to put as another layer…paint it black…


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