Looking for ideas for employee gifts

I’m looking for some ideas on things I could make for my direct reports at work. I thought it would be nice to make something or customize something for them this year.

Any ideas?


I had an idea to make all mine custom name plaques


I was thinking about that, and maybe business card holders…or engraving some notebooks with their names

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Company key-fobs!

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Do you mean a keychain?

That’s a possibility!



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This. The little leather ones are cool.

Lol do I get them a car to go with it then? :crazy_face:


Ooh! Good boss! :wink:

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lol, sorry I’ve been waiting to use that meme

Lol no you didn’t but there are allot of keyfobs on the page and when I think of them I think of a car keyfob!!

Lol no worries it made me laugh

We just decided to do the coordinates of offices with the email address underneath - framed on clear acrylic - it’d be fun for reports since all the coordinates would only be off by a few portions of a degree each direction :slight_smile:

(Right click in Google Maps and then click on the link in the box that pops up)


That’s pretty neat!!

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