Looking for laser compatible journal blanks

Surprised not to see more discussion on this topic, and weirdly difficult to find much information out on the 'net. I did see the thread that suggested that “new” Moleskines are safe, but is there a source of verified safe laser-compatible journals that people use?

Being new to the community, I was a bit surprised that there isn’t a list of compatible / verified materials and products outside of the Proofgrade - which is a nice option, but it’s not everything. I’ll certainly consider GF as one source of material.

Are people just sacrificing blanks for burn testing? Is that the best approach?

Thanks much in advance!

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Welcome! There are a lot of posts about materials here.


The reason you don’t see “a list” is because there are an almost unlimited number of things you can laser, and a few things you should never laser.

You know I was about to write up a big reply but then I realized: I did before. Check this thread out, I think it’ll be very helpful:


Welcome to the forum.
I see that you have already received some sage advice, and I agree completely with @evansd2. This forum has many years of information for new users and experienced ones alike. Between Google and this forum, you can answer most of your users questions should you care to invest some time and effort in searching and reading. The Beyond the Manual and Made on a Glowforge are two categories you may wish to explore in depth.


Ditto to the above, and to answer your last question, yes. Sacrifice one blank. You do not need to print the entire design every time you test something. Just do small cuts/engraves until you find your ideal settings. Once you get more comfortable, you’ll be able to judge settings without as much trial and error, especially for engraves.


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