Looking for natural leather

Since everywhere seems to be sold out of materials where can I find the natural leather that came with the glowforge? I’ve tried all the local stores and I’m in dallas, tx.

I’ve gotten leather from Tandy, and from eBay sellers. You want vegetable tanned leather, and you’ll probably have to cut it to size and mask it yourself.

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This might help, too:


I was thinking Tandy was headquartered in Dallas, but I guess it’s Ft Worth…still, I think they have a store or two in the Dallas area…


They also do mail order. :slight_smile:

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Searching the forum for “leather source” will get some other results too.

Checked out tandy in mesquite and it had everything I needed!

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Yay! I love going to Tandy, but it wreaks havoc on my budget…

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Holy moly! What on earth can you do with 16 oz leather? I feel sorry for the poor animal that had to carry that burden all its life.

Tandy is consistently the cheapest source for leather. Far less than proofgrade.


I think it’s all (cow hide, anyway) that thick to start with. It only comes thinner because they split it. :slight_smile:

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