Looking for new scanner help

With black Friday upon us I am on the hunt for a scanner to scan in old post cards and match book covers to use in AD for the GF. Can anyone recommend what would be the best type to go with. I would prob need a larger flat bed scanner at some point so I would just go ahead and pick up one that can do all the bigger stuff we might do down the road. Any help would be much appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I have a Epson Perfection V500 Photo for many years and love it. It has been replaced by the V550.


I have a similar one but lately I mostly use the Scanner Pro app on my iPad or iPhone. It has a dewarping feature that straightens up wonky edges if you don’t get a perfect shot.

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Thanks for the info. Will look into it.

I just looked at some video and on there company page. It looks pretty good. I have some questions that I did not find the answers to. How does it do with low light? Is there a page size limit? Can you scan an object and be able to keep the actual size? We have a ton of leather patterns that I would like to scan and keep archived and do away with all the binders that we have full of pages.

Sorry for all the question and thank you for your help.

Well, the largest built in size is Tabloid (11 x 17) but you can also set a custom size.

I don’t think you can guarantee a specific size unless you use a rigid stand to hold the iPhone or iPad (make one on your Glowforge!) and do some testing to get the dimensions right. But then once you calibrate it, it ought to work reproducibly. I don’t know how much tolerance there is in your patterns. You could make sure a ruler is in the shot so you can adjust in post processing (Photoshop etc) if needed.

It uses the flash in your phone or iPad. Also, set it for Black and White not Photo, to maximize contrast.

I’d be glad to do a test for you and post a pdf of it if you like.

Thank you for your time and your answers. We just went ahead and got it and will get time to play with it tomorrow and try to burn something from some of the test. Thanks again!

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