Looking for purebond maple alternatives

Hi. I have been purchasing purebond maple 1/4” sheets from Home Depot by the box and they are currently out of stock. Does anybody have a good alternative at similar price point. It was around $40 a box of 10 sheets. Thanks for any suggestions!

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Prices have gone up a bunch but Ocooch sells very similar.


It’s hard for anyone to beat the price of that PureBond ply because it’s being shipped directly by the manufacturer, with no retailer/distributor markup, just HD’s dropshipping program fees. They use less core material in each sheet than most manufacturers, too. Very lightweight, which reduces both the product and shipping cost for them.

Craft Closet has 1/4" maple in stock. $5 a sheet for one good side, $7 a sheet for two.


Have you tried the reliabilt from Lowe’s? I’d never noticed the name before but saw it on some Google results before. Supposed to be a “void-free” interior. Looks like the manufacturer is actually SkyPly, but thinking this may be a new(er) product from them.


I use wood from Laser by the creek and Smokey Hill Designs. Great Customer service!
I also just discovered makerstock.com, but I haven’t bought anything from there yet.


Second for Smokey Hill designs on this one.


Thank you all. I will check them all out!

I’d love to support Casey since he’s kinda local, but Smokey Hill’s website shows “out of stock” on everything I want every time I go there. Consistently, for almost the entire 2 years it’s been up, including right now for 1/4" maple plywood.

Things definitely sell out quickly. I guess I’m good at getting what I want. :wink:

Casey has weekly release days for his products. I will have to look them up. They make the batches release them then make more.

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