Looking For Some Mylar

I have a piece of mylar that is double sided mirror - clear reflection - about .13 mm (.005 inches) thick, about 15 mm wide. It is crimpable. Pictures below. I received it in something I purchased and went looking for it online, but could not find anything
Can’t make it to the stored yet given lockdown. Anyone have any idea where something like this can be found? Even if it were sheets that I have to trim to width. I am interested in this due to the mirror and the thickness. The thickness is particularly important. Any thoughts appreciated!


Amazon has mirrored Mylar but all I have found is 2mil thick or some of the thicker stuff was a black or white poly liner and it was 6.7 mil thick. Your looking for 5mil thick so maybe 6 mil would work for you…

Just a thought…

HTG Supply 25 Foot by 4 Foot Super Thick Reflective Mylar On Black Poly Roll, 6.7-Mil



I think this looks like something that might be available from automobile trim suppliers.


Oracal 352 is a polyester Mylar film (self adhesive) that comes in all kinds of shiny and dull metallic finishes. I’m pretty sure it’s available in Europe.


Thanks for the insight and link!

Hmmm…hadn’t thought about that! Thanks!

Forgot about oracal! Thanks for the reminder!

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