Looking for some use data - longest prints

What or how long was your longest print. There is nothing worse then being an hour and half into a two hour print and something goes wrong. I have kept my prints to smaller shorter runs but I was just wondering is there a top end what experiences the rest of the community has had. Please weight in!


i’ve had several 6 hour prints. My longest prints were 9 and 12 hours. I generally rework my designs so they don’t take as long, but sometimes they just take a long time.

The only problem with long prints is monitoring them for potential issues (like fire - especially with acrylics).


Given how old your account is I’m assuming that you are a performance model owner. Generally speaking things go wrong on longer cuts with the aura, but not with the plus or pro or basic.

What sort of issues are you running into? I feel like my pro could run for six hour job with no issues at all, I wouldn’t even think twice about it.


You make folk with 3D printers cry as being 2 days into a print when it goes haywire is so much worse and lots of money wasted to boot. It is all relative.
I frequently use high (1344)LPI engraving and several hours to accomplish it is not unusual. 240 LPI would be much faster but I would be disappointed with the look much longer than doing it at a high LPI would take.

This would look awful at low lpi…


I have done several 6 hour prints without issues on the plus.


7+ hours on my 5+ year old Basic.


I want to say about 8-9 hours on a passthru print so there was a 4-5 hour nap between the 2nd and 3rd sections.


quite a few 6 hours engraves on a Basic with no issues


absolutely astonishing sherlock Pro Model the issue i’m running into is that i’m printing the same six or seven step project but multiple rows/times and i cant get it by the upload i was investigating if its the number of individual steps in the left column or how im formatting it plus is it even worth printing for three hours straight or three runs of 57mins with the worry of printing over what i have already done

It is possible that the problem is hidden layers or issues, I just had that yesterday. I had used a clip path to getr the image I wanted and left the clip in and frozen along with several other paths I was not using and it froze the GFUI so I had to close that window and open another. It did work on the second try but all the frozen layers had been deleted.

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