Looking for someone to do a quick (paid) laser project for me


I am looking to get a dozen or so nametags made and mailed to me for. Anyone with a laser interested? :slight_smile:


-Raises hand - I’d be interested in it. Depending of course on material desired and shipping costs.


Details on size, material choices and construction would be helpful for anyone considering it.


I’m pretty sure most any of us with our lasers would be in interested/willing to help, but the questions asked above would be important.


Thanks guys for the offers! I am looking for about 10-15 2in x 3.5in tags made with walnut or a wood similar to it. No layering or anything of the sort. Just a quick cut and engrave. Shipping to Canada.


I’d be happy to do it.
I don’t have walnut on hand right now; but for the cost of your materials and shipping plus a sheet of PG acrylic, I’d get the materials here and get cutting.

If you opted for somebody else, I wouldn’t be offended. But for work like that, I’d work for Proofgrade.


Ditto, and I’m :proofgrade: rich already.


Bummer…it has to be wood?? I do loads of badges on lasermark engravers plastic. They do have some with a wood grain look…lol.
Mine come with magnetic fasteners.
I don’t have any walnut on hand but can order some from my supplier.
I ship to Canada often. :wink:
The plastic ones cost $10ea for that quantity. l can quote you in the wood ply or solid walnut if you still need someone.


If you haven’t picked anybody yet, I’m available and have several :proofgrade: woods on-hand. (Also, lots of colors of the LaserMark Plastic @smcgathyfay mentioned.) Similar to others, for a fellow Owner who’s been so great to have in the community, I’d “work for :proofgrade:.” Could have them shipped out on Friday for you.

Let us know if you’ve picked somebody. :slight_smile:


I’d sure appresheate it if one or both of you would write this up, zooms and pews? Results?


Sure. So the thing is, I haven’t used it since the great unit change of 2017. So you’ll have to run it through the converter…

Engrave: 90/235/340
Score: 30/30
Cut: 30/100


My settings won’t make sense, unfortunately, since they are for a 30wt Universal laser. When I get into the office I’ll post them though with a few pics.


Thanks guys!! I’ll make the file then contact one of you! I LOVE THIS COMMUNITY! <3


Settings on the Universal VLS 3.5 30 wt. Laser
Raster etch. Power 35%, Speed 100% PPI 500
Cut. Power 100% Speed 5.8% PPI 800


Heres the walnut with white btw.

Dont mind the rub marks…its in a swatch stack and my son loves twirling it around…thats a good several years worth of wear…lol


Speaking of this material…here are some new natural looks. You can get a free sample


Those settings are very similar to what I’ve been using on the GF actually, I’ll have to try upping the LPI setting, I’m using 270 generally. The cutting settings are the only difference and that is in the speed. We don’t specify a PPI for cutting either.

I’m engraving with no masking (one of your suggestions at some point) and then masking for cuts. Love how it all comes out.

Thank you! :smiley:


Good to know the settings are usefull.
I don’t mask for cutting…I used to but finally found the right setting that works perfect.


Drats! (not my normal word BTW :slight_smile: )

Now I have to continue testing to get the perfect cut too! I’ll try your settings for that too.


Remember, mine is a 30 wt…might register closer to 35 since its fairly new…