Looking for someone to repair Glowforge

I’m looking for a company to repair my school’s Glowforge? We are in Richmond, VA. Anyone have any contacts?

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What is the problem?

Glowforge themselves are the only ones who can officially repair (they general provide refurbished machines). If it’s as simple as swapping out replaceable parts you can buy in their “shop” such as the black ribbon cable or some of the guide wheels and such, anyone with decent technical skills can do that.


The issue is that I have a cracked “lens”. Forgive me for not knowing the technical term. I have procured the replacement parts, but am uncertain about the installation. I couldn’t find a repair manual anywhere online for guidance. Might you be aware of such a resource?

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The procedure for removing and replacing the lens for cleaning is on the support site, linked above, under “cleaning, service and moving”. There’s also a video.


Simply remove the lens (which should be part of ongoing maintenance for cleaning) and replace with the new lens.


Thanks so much for the quick help. Fingers crossed.

keep in mind, it’s very important to clean those optics. having dirty lenses/mirrors will make the laser less effective and could lead to damaging the lens.


Sounds like maybe it did? I wonder if the cracking was caused by not cleaning the lens regularly in the classroom?


That would be 100% correct.

Won’t make that mistake again.


Got any pictures of the damage? It’d be useful to see what happens if you let it go too far.

I can do it :slight_smile:

I am in Fredericksburg area. I am out of town the next week but can come by and bring my stuff. I have repaired a few of these machines and can show you how to clean it all.