Looking for suggestions on cutting a long piece

I am looking to make a box (finger joint, 1/4" ply) that is 20 inches long. This is just beyond the head movement in the GF. Although I could make the parts in two pieces and join later, I was wondering about other solutions. I do have a pass through unit, but I would think lining things up for a second cut would be tricky. Any thoughts?


There are tutorials for this in the tips and tricks section. You can get it spot on by using the fact that a 20x12 art board locks into place in the GFUI.


There are easy ways to align your cuts for the passthrough, since you have it, you can cut any size you like.


How wide is the piece? If the other dimension is not so wide, you might want to look at arranging the long piece(s) on a diagonal. By my rough calculations / estimation by looking at the hypotenuse, the max diagonal length should be about 23 inches, corner to corner of a cuttable area given the 20x 11.5 inch “printable” area. (obviously, this is reduced for every bit of width /dept for the longest piece, but you might be able to get enough from going to the diagonal that its worth it, even if you have to use more supplies.

Just a thought to look into.



Something I have found is that a square object,( I am using a square tile) can creates parallel face that is the size of the object, two 4" tiles and a 2" tile would leave exactly ten inches between them. Put them in the lowest corner and they locate a line 4" into the work area and a good place to precisely locate your cut very repeatably.