Looking for transfer tape recommendations


I was looking for some transfer tape recommendations. I am using some I purchased a while back from sign warehouse I use for vinyl and it has been coming off of the Baltic birch I am cutting while cuts are still in progress. Thanks for any recommendations.


Yours is probably fine – if you lightly sand the wood before applying, and then use a brayer or credit card or a straight-edged piece of acrylic to press it down, it will stay on a lot better. The glue is pressure-activated, or so I’ve been told. :slight_smile:


I will try it again, thank you!

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I use the sign transfer tape and as @geek2nurse said, pressure is the key to it sticking. I use a 6" hard rubber brayer that I got at Hobby Lobby for less than $10. I noticed in your picture the overlap on the masking. The overlap can give you some real headaches if you are engraving or scoring. I use two different maskings, a 6" and 12". The 12" will cover full size material and wider than 6 inches. The 6 " I use on 2-6" wide (if it is narrower I just use masking tape.

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I don’t know which one you bought, but the medium-high tack one I bought doesn’t stick as well as the Perfect Tear medium tack. In order to get the medium-high tack to work, I actually needed to sand REALLY well with an electric sander, then use my hard plastic spatula to press it down. After that, no peeling or flyaways. Couldn’t get it to work on the draftboard at all.

I ran out this weekend and my new roll isn’t due until tomorrow. I really needed masking for my orders…soooo… I don’t recommend this, as my socks are probably permanently stuck to the kitchen floor and my nostrils have been glued together for days, but I got a roll of brown paper masking from Home Depot from the paint section. There is no adhesive on it. And I got Easy-Tack spray from Michaels. I sprayed it onto the paper, let it dry for a minute, then put it on my wood, and used my hard plastic spatula to press out the bubbles like regular masking…it worked perfectly and when I pull it up, there is no sticky residue. However, watch your machine like a hawk, because I feel like too much power in one spot will cause the paper to catch fire easily. I didn’t have any issues, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you REALLY needed it.

Thank you all. I will try light sanding then a brayer. I do have one. I will watch out to not overlap best I can. I am not sure which tape I purchased, I think it is sign warehouses own brand. I have used R tape in the past for vinyl but for some reason purchased the sign warehouse brand last time, prob to try as it is cheaper. I don’t do much vinyl anymore.