Looking for very thin silicone/rubber adhesive material

I’m looking for a very thin silicone/rubber adhesive/tape that comes in sheets that I can cut out in the glowforge to protect acrylic tags. Anyone know where I could find such a material? Specifically looking for sheets (as opposed to rolls). Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I wonder if you might finds something like a thick Tyvek. It cuts well and does wear great.

The other thing is thin mylar stencils that you can get at the craft story. Might have to add your own adhesive here.

I’m sure @evansd2 knows of something.

Nope. I saw this and thought it was an interesting request, but I got nothing.

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Part of why I got nothing is that there’s not a whole lot of detail about what is being attempted. Maybe if the OP were to elaborate a bit alterate solutions might be possible>

Also, the specification that it has to be a sheet is particularly limiting. Adhesive sheets are much more rare than rolls. Maybe mcmaster? Maybe Uline? If they don’t have it, nobody does.

Agree it’s pretty ambiguous.

Plenty of places sell plain silicone sheets, and the double-sided tape selections from 3M and similar are also available commonly available.

Silicone sheets will be cost prohibitive as a protective covering. McMaster.com has them, not sure if they’re adhesive, but I also think the thinnest they have is 1/32".

If it’s only temporary protection needed say for storage/transit/delivery/shipping, sign making transfer tapes will work, as well as static cling sign making vinyl film. The static film probably isnt safe for the laser though.

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hard to suggest without out knowing a little more about what “protect acrylic tags” really means. Are you protecting them during shipping, or for the life of the product?

As far as a thin, adhesive rubber… sandblast resist? Weather-stripping edpm rubber? Neoprene rubber sheets? Mixed info on lasering neoprene rubber/neoprene foam, may be harmful.

Hi Everyone,

I apologize, I posted this question right before leaving on my honeymoon and am just now seeing all these responses. To be more specific, I am looking for a thin, clear protector that would fit onto a pet’s tag so that the pet’s name and phone number don’t wear down too fast. The pet tag is acrylic, but when worn with other tags, such as an aluminum rabies tag or a city/county license tag, the acrylic tag gets warn down a bit fast. I know when you go to like Pet Smart and buy an aluminum tag, it comes with a clear protector you can apply if you want (I even think it has something to do with minimizing the noise of multiple tags clinking together). That is the kind of material I am looking for that I can cut in my machine to then apply to the acrylic. Thanks for your replies and again, I apologize for posting then ghosting.

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One thing you could try is making a 2 layer acrylic tag with the engraving on the back (in reverse), then adhered to another layer of something dark (wood, Black acrylic or Delrin, aluminum, etc).

I think the search term you’re looking for it “tag silencer”.


Why not engrave an aluminum blank from chewbarka?


Engraving anodized aluminum gets great results.


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