Looking for wooden sign stands -

These would be simple to make but I don’t have a router and not looking to get one :slight_smile: Does anyone know of a source for some simple wooden stands similar to this picture that would fit 1/8" draftboard?

Would you consider getting a table saw?


yes, table saw. much faster

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“etsy sign stand” on google.


All the world’s info in your hands in seconds, it’s crazy.





And probably more. :slight_smile:


Wow, the other evans got this posted while I was copying the link.

I’ll just add, if you don’t want to buy a tool for something, you can always farm the work out. If the ones at the link are not perfect I bet they’d customize with a far sized order.

Let me see… you want to put a groove in wood that is under 2 inches thick, for what you make on a Glowforge? So you have the Glowforge? The Glowforge can engrave up to a half inch deep. Please explain the problem?

Should have mentioned that I saw them on Etsy but they seem really expensive there for what they are.

4$? Seems like a steal?

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seems expensive to me.

Your hourly rate must be lower than mine :slight_smile:

Ok fine google “wooden sign stand slot” and voila:

UNIQOOO 10 Pack Rustic Acrylic Sign Holders | Walnut Wood Table Numbers Display Stands | Place Card Holder, Perfect for Retail Shop Wedding Party Events Decoration https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07J9YDF4Z/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_70bWEb5620J5Z

$2.60 per, but you gotta buy ten.

Thank you for looking for me - I’ve already seen these and searched myself. I was asked here because I know many people here to do woodwork and thought someone might have alternatives. I appreciate it!!

Really? $1.69 apiece? Still too much?

UNIQOOO 20 Pack Modern Sign Holders for Acrylic | Wood Table Number Display Stands | Place Card Holder, Photo Stand, Perfect for Retail Shop, Cafe Bar, Home, Wedding Dinner Party and Events Decoration https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PDDNDKR/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_x4bWEbQQ6PPK7

There’s no way to beat that price.

Just the materials and shipping would blow that out of the water almost any other way.

I mean if you want to make one you could do it pretty easily with a stacked design, danforth’s engraved slot idea is super problematic for a few reasons.

Anyhoo good luck. Not sure you can beat those prices.


Yes, that is good - that’s more of the price I was looking for! Thanks!

Economy of scale!if you’re not in a hurry I bet aliexpress has them too. Might get a slightly better price there.

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Looking I see walnut with groove for $2.50 and walnut without groove for $8.00, in that case, @evansd2 has a point.

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