Looking forward to this tool being available

“Based on a 3-D digital model, the computational tool can determine the pattern of slits necessary to make the sheet conform to the desired shape. This pattern can then be transferred to a laser cutter to begin the fabrication process. The researchers used this process to make a woman’s high-heel shoe, a sculpture, a woman’s fashion top, a lampshade and face masks.”



Wow! I have to share this with my Son, a metallurgical & materials engineer.
Very cool, thanks!

very cool, that could be used for many projects.

Pretty cool. I even learned a new word, Auxetic.


Very interesting, thanks for sharing!! Really wish they’d shown more pictures of all those other things they made. I may be seeing it wrong, but the pattern on the shoe looks like just a static tessellation of the same cut…it would be interesting to see if the slit pattern could be varied in size depending on the tightness/complexity of the curve at certain points in the desired shape.


Fascinating stuff.