Looking to laser cut anti static PE foam for shipping electronics

Hi All,

Im looking to find out everything I can about cutting Anti-static Polyethylene foam on the GF; from is it safe, settings, and material thickness, to sourcing the stuff.

I figure the best thickness to get would be 1/2". Has anyone tried cutting these? I want to cut out some mailer box inserts to ship electronic pcbs.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions/info.

I suspect that you’re going to melt the foam in unwanted ways at that thickness unless you run several low power and high speed passes.


Thats what Im thinking, low power/high speed, maybe 2-3 passes. I guess I can get some to test on.

My biggest concern is any issues with cutting polyethylene foam, safety issues, any gases that might damage the laser or be harmful to breathe, etc…

Pure polyethylene is generally laser safe but you should get the SDS for the exact product you’re planning to use to be sure.


You might want to consider EVA foam instead. There’s lots of info on the forum if you do the search.


I use EVA foam and it cuts like butter. You can also think about 1/4 inch and cut two…


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