Looking to pay a UK owner to do some cutting for me

Looking to pay a UK owner to do some cutting for me.

I have products to make, but I’ve run out of time. I will provide materials and designs, you provide GF cutting and one big shipment back to me.

Designs are production friendly, mostly in and out as a single A3 MDF sheet, very little dropouts left on the tray. Time is around 20 minutes per sheet. Nearly all cuts and scores - I can give you settings.

I have roughly 50 sheets for the first batch, but could become a regular thing. Probably comes to 20 hours on the laser.

Please message me direct with prices if you are interested.

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You might try getting a quote from Yeah Laser in Brighton. They offer this service normally, although they don’t use a GF, so you might need to change the design files a tad. Good luck!

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Thanks I’ll try it. Trouble is I need really low cost - would suit a hobbyist who just wants to make some beer money, but probably not a professional group.

I’ll ask them though.

In that case, if you find someone willing, you might also consider offering extra materials as well to generously compensate them for the time and consideration they put into processing your laser jobs.

You may find that a shop will offer you a competitive quote, since that sounds like a pretty large job, and often full-sized professional lasers that run in industrial settings can do the work faster than our beloved GFs can :blush:

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Watching my laser for 20 hours would cost you a boatload more than “beer money”…

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Yep, I get its not for every one.

Its a bunch of products that sell, but have very low margin and no chance of a price increase.

For someone with an under utilised GF and time on their hands while they did something else then I could pay enough to pay for some new materials etc. Just not enough for someone to make a living out of.

It was an idea - but it hasn’t floated with anybody.

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