Looks like I bought a Glowforge!

Hello everyone, loving the threads and Dan’s activity on here… I just went for a Pro as you can easily downgrade before shipping. Very excited to see the things i can build with this amazing tool!

I am someone who never thought I would own one of these so thank you Dan for making this accessible to us all.

Great work!


Woooo. Welcome to the community!

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congrats man! I havent been so excited since I bought my first car!

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Tell me about it! I love wood carvings like decorative wall pieces and can never find them… now i can design my own and sell them. I am no carpenter but def know my way around photoshop! Thanks everyone


Congratulations, and welcome to the community!

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As noted elsewhere @garyjstewart, just keep in mind that a ‘downgrade’ is ‘refund + current price’, not ‘refund + earlybird preorder price’.