Looks like my local library got a Glowforge

was on the site for “the shop” (the maker shop at the Arlington, VA library) and noticed that next Tuesday they have a laser certification class for the GF. wonder which version they have (it doesn’t say on the site).


You gonna teach that class?


hah. i could probably help a great deal. except for that “inkscape” part. :wink:

but i’ve never actually been there, was just curious about it. and technically i’m not an arlington resident, but a fairfax resident.

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Inkscape is a piece of cake, you’d crush it. :slight_smile:

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but why would i WANT to?

sorry, i’m an illustrator guy now.


For the purpose of that class description, I think you’d get by…

No monthly fee, runs on Linux and Chromebooks, etc. etc. I know, just answered a rhetorical… :wink:

No harm paying for something that streamlines your business.

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