Lotus Shippo Earrings

Looking for the designer of the Lotus Shippo Earrings. Needing to see if the hole for the metal ring can be made bigger? They are beautiful earrings, but unfortunately they hole is very fragile and breaks easily. I made 2 sets and all 4 earrings broke assembling them.


What materials did you try?

I used walnut the 1st 2x’s, I made some out of sepple as well, I was able to get them assembled with out breaking. My cousin wants them in walnut, so I will try some different walnut and see if there is a difference.

If you can’t locate the designer, you can try your hand at modifying the hole in inkscape. I have purchased a couple of SVG Earring Bundles online and have had this same problem. I dropped them into inkscape (a totally free program) and made jumpring hole modifications to make them stronger. I am finding that I don’t like jumpring holes that extend out and usually opt to mostly remove that aspect of the design.

I made them. The material I used was proof grade medium walnut and cherry.

I designed them for the jump rings I used, which were 6mm rings, but they are craft store standard, not too thick. I noticed some of the rings you can purchase are thicker without being labeled as such.

Glowforge tests the patterns before publishing to make sure they cut well, and I’ve made dozens of them without issue, so the only suggestions I can think of is to import a slightly larger circle (or use the premium shape function for a slightly larger circle) and overlay it over the current shape. I usually make all my jump ring holes .06 inches, so if you make a circle .07 or .08 and overlay it precisely, it might work.

Another option would be to make the earrings slightly larger, which would increase the hole size. Just a smidge bigger would be enough without adding too much to the overall size.

Also, I’m moving this topic to everything else as free laser designs is for sharing files with others. I hope this helps, sorry I can’t get more precise, I’m walking around and typing out this answer on my phone.


Walnut hardwood vs walnut plywood are two completely different things when it comes to strength on small loops. Which was it? Plywood will generally hold up better.

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That’s true, I use plywood

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