Love it when a long engraving works

I haven’t done a long engraving in quite awhile as most of the stuff I design is quick cuts or engraving items. So my uncle wanted this plaque made for a company who donated some cooking oil to the American legion he’s apart of as a thank you. My machine still has it, lol, no issues with the longer engraving times.


That turned out really nice!


We can’t discuss custom settings but I wonder if this was PG material with defaults. Looks like vary power by the lighter stripes.

A full sheet?

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Ya know, since the company has pretty much bailed on the forum except for announcements I wonder what makes it different from Facebook? Rules are kind of suggestions at this point.


I just created the vector first, added lettering and offsets on top then turned it into a rasterized image on purpose to let the shadings and engraving go faster. Then used PG draft photo settings. This however is not pg material. It’s maple with mdf core.
It wasn’t quite a full sheet - probably 3/4. Took about an hour so it wasn’t extremely long but longer than what I have done in a long time.


That rule seems to stem from legal liability concerns. If we don’t self-moderate to enforce it, and Glowforge doesn’t want to pay someone to do the moderating, then I could easily see them dumping the forum entirely. Poof, community button gone from the menu, and most of their customer base probably wouldn’t even notice.


This turned out really great!

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Always thought GF has used the lawyer excuse as a reason to be comfortable and lazy. Thought I would poke the bear a little. Not that they would ever see the comment now.


This looks great! I know I’ve read a few of the ways to make engraved faster, but I’ll have to try again because a lot of my engraved take over an hour and they’re not even engraving much.


That is really nice looking
I live 10 minutes from that Cargill too :smiley: