Love the Hanafuda-style Earrings from the catalogue but loop breaks

I fell in the love with the Hanafuda-style Earrings that are available through the catalog but when I make them with the maple plywood or many other woods that are proof-grade the loop at the top breaks when I try to use it. I wonder if the creator is active in the Glowforge community or if anyone has any ideas about preventing this.


I believe that designs in the catalog are supported by Glowforge, not the designer. Perhaps you should go through the process of reporting the design from the Dashboard.


She is - her name is on the design’s catalog page. However, designers have no control over designs once sold to GF. They can submit updated versions but there is no guarantee that the update will be published.

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I am very good friends with the designer and I just texted her.

Here is a little tip to strengthen the hang tag. Brush a little superglue on the inside loop. Somehow superglue gives strength to the loop.

Hello, I made them and I’m sorry to hear they break! I haven’t had an issue using proofgrade maple, but if you let me know which ones, I could walk you through a fix!


I’m going to guess it’s the new one since these I changed the style of the frame a bit to add a hanging loop.

In the interface, select the earring and create an outline using the outline tool. I added an outline of .01.

Then I select the main earring body, and ungroup it. I choose my old outline carefully, and delete it.

After that, I’m left with the new, slightly thicker outline. If you needed a larger hole, you can just adjust the file in the same way now.

I would say if you just want the hanging tag area thicker, then use the shape tool to add a larger circle around the tag, center it to the earring, then select that and the outer edge of the earring, and use the outline tool to add a “0” outline. Then delete the circle and the former outer edge.

Just make sure to group it all together at the end so things don’t get moved around. I hope this helps!


Are you using plywood or hardwood? Hardwood isn’t generally strong enough for fine cuts – plywood will work a lot better.

Thanks so much!!! I really appreciate your help. Your designs are so beautiful.

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Thank you! I’m sorry you had an issue. Since I haven’t had any issues with breakage when I use proofgrade plywood, it doesn’t cross my mind much, but I thought this might be a good fix for anyone else who may have had the issue.

I’m just glad that the grouping/ungrouping feature works on catalog designs, otherwise it would be the same steps, but instead of deleting the old outline, you’d have to make sure to ignore it.


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