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Hello. i am hopping someone can help me. I bought a earing design of the catalog. i have a problem with it and was hopping i could slightly change the design. The problem is the very small split ring attachment for the earing hook. it is so small that it does not take a lot to break it. is it possible to increase the size of this part of the design to make it more robust?

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Yes - it’s not the easiest thing, but it’s definitely doable.

In your GFUI

  1. Zoom in as close as you can
  2. Select the earring
  3. Click Ctl-Shift-g (this will ungroup everything)
  4. Select just the hole for the split ring
  5. Move/resize it to where you want it
  6. Drag a box over the whole earring
  7. Click Ctl-g (to regroup it)
  8. Click print to see if your edit worked!

If that doesn’t work, post which earring in particular and either I, or another :glowforge: user, might be able to provide more specific advice :slight_smile:


Many thanks i will have a go now and let you know how i get on.
Thank you very much


Hi deirdrebeth. OK i was successful ungrouping the earing design. I was only able to make the larger out side ring slightly larger. If i made it to large it looks all out of proportion. And still the hole for the split ring is to small.
the design is link below


Ah ok - do you have Premium?
If yes follow the same steps as above, but after insert:
5.5. Delete the exterior cut line of the earring
6. Drag a box over the whole earring
6.5. Use the Outline feature (right side of your GFUI) to create a new outline.

If not then you’ll need to also enlarge the cutline around the design as much as you did your hole - that will make an overall larger earring though, so at that point you may want to instead of breaking things up, just enlarge the entire design.


OK i do have the trial period of Premium but i can not get any of the free designs?? (had my glow forge just under a month) don’t know if you have to input your C/C details to get access??
Any way i think i have sorted it.
I Ungrouped the design as you said. i then deleted the outer ring with the split ring bit. In ink scape i then drew another outer ring with a thicker split ring mounting point and its worked a treat.
Thanks you so much for your help.
Any ideas on the not being able to get the free bits.


Yes, you have to add a credit card, but the designs should show as free once you add them to your cart - if you don’t stay with Premium they’ll disappear (except the special ones that specify they won’t).

YAY! Importing from Inkscape is a great workaround :slight_smile:


and @deirdrebeth I just learned some things I didn’t know. Thanks to both of you!

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I made the design for the thin jump rings that I have, so you’re not the first one with the same issue. Here is a mini-tutorial I made for someone else regarding the same issue, different earring. It will work if you have premium.


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