Low-VOC substitute for 5-min epoxy?

5-min epoxy and I have not been getting along lately. Asking the hive mind for substitutes that meet these requirements:

  • Low- or no-VOC outgassing
  • Suitable for wood-to-metal bonding (setting bolts countersunk into 3/4" plywood)
  • Available in roughly the same size as the 5-min epoxy (no more than a few ounces)

Thanks in advance!

Hmm, part of what makes things set so quickly in glues is vigorous chemical reaction, which usually leads to heat and offgassing. Curious if anyone has anything here.

Hum, just spit balling but maybe a polyurethane glue or construction adhesive?


like a liquid nails?

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Loctite 9340, available in 2.7oz size, has less than .05% VOC.

512CH8310.pdf (832.3 KB)



I’ve tried a loctite adhesive for setting neo magnets in wood, works pretty well. I’ll give Gorilla Glue a shot for setting bolts. Thanks!

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Not familiar with that one - I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

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