Lps3 as permanent anti-rust solution

Many years ago I was making jewelry in a 40foot bus in Miami and had a problem with humidity that my tools would seize up in 6 hours if I did not use them constantly and eight hours if I did so every morning I would have to spend an hour unsiezing all the tools.

Wandering into a nearby marine store i found the LPS3 and one last time got all the pliers etc working again. Even now 40 years later they flop about as if they had never had a problem. The one problem i had was that the pressure cans would sieze up and stop working. Recently i found this that seems to solve that problem.

This would probably not find any use in the Glowforge itself, but in most every other tool that locks up on occasion or might like steel bolts etc. There is nothing else I have seen that does the same. At boat shows they would have a light socket and light (110v) that they would spray with it and then dunk it underwater with bare hands and screw in the bulb that would then light up while they were holding it. Very dramatic!

As I pointed out elsewhere I have used it on jeweller’s saw blades that will be useless from rust in days and i still have some from 40 years ago that are fine still but was buying heavier ones for the wood so wanted the LPS for those. What prompted this rant was an electric shaver that was quite old and sounded like an alarm clock buzzing loudly and put some there and now it sounds more like a honeybee.

It is not really a penetrating oil and it does evaporate leaving a beeswax like coating with a light brown stain on wood but on everything from electric motors to hand tools it is amazing, but except in ocean side cities or towns I had rarely seen it on shelves, so this is just a heads up rant.


Super find. Thanks for the tip.

It was in the 60s and raining here all day yesterday - everything in the garage was covered with condensation (it was 30 the day before). I may find I need this.


I find I never need it twice on the same gadget but usually need it on any new gadget. That is why I was so happy to find the pump sprayer as it often sat for months between buying new gadgets, and nearly every pressure can I bought I had to punch a hole and store what I could get out as the spray can would not work past a month or two.