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I have not received my password protected LSO study material that contains important safety information. I have sent numerous emails to Glowforge Support to no avail. I find it extremely disturbing that (a) Glowforge can not be reached by phone (b) that support is not even responding to emails. It’s been over three weeks and my Glowforge is sitting outside of the box without having it turned on even once. I certainly don’t want to be responsible for ignoring important safety instruction and creating a safety hazard. Has anyone else had a similar (frustrating) experience? Hope this gets some attention from Support.

I don’t have a Pro so I’m not sure specifically what you’re asking for, but all the manuals are at:
You’re the first person I’ve heard talking about anything being password protected.
Also when you send an email you get an auto response immediately. If you haven’t gotten that then they haven’t received your email, or their responses are ending up in your spam folders.

The :glowforge: staff only monitors the Problems & Support area so you should post there.


Thanks for responding… This applies to only Glowforge Pro. In general manual, they clearly mention that to Glowforge pro owners, they will send password protected pdf document. LSO stands for Laser Safety Officer. Following is on page 6 of111 of the manual.

“Glowforge Pro Only: Class 4 Laser Safety & LSO Training
Because the Glowforge Pro has pass-through slots, it is a Class 4 laser device. For safe operation,
a Class 4 laser device should be operated under a laser safety program under the control of a Laser
Safety Officer (LSO). Training for LSOs normally costs more than $1,000, but Glowforge has worked
with leading laser safety training experts to prepare materials so that you can act safely as the LSO for
your Glowforge Pro.
These materials will train you to operate your Glowforge Pro in Class 1 conditions, which do not
require additional special precautions. If you need to operate your Glowforge Pro in Class 4
conditions, these materials will explain what you must do in order to operate it safely. They will also provide you with an overview of laser physics and safety concerns, and processes to follow.
You must read, understand, and follow the Glowforge Pro Training Materials to use your Glowforge Pro.
The Glowforge Pro LSO Training materials are emailed to all Glowforge Pro owners as a
password-protected PDF.”

Ok - but you’re still going to need to post to Problems & Support if you want a staff member to see you’re having an issue.

From what I’ve heard it mostly boils down to "don’t look through the slot while the laser is operating, but @deirdrebeth is correct – you need to either email them or post in Problems & Support – both of those methods open support tickets and will get your issue addressed. :slight_smile:

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You are right, I will post it in Problems & Support. As for the email, I even got the notification that the email has been sent. !!

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“Don’t look through the slots” would apply to any laser. These instructions that they are talking about are specific to Glowforge Pro because it is a class 4 laser and certainly has something beyond the basics which requires them to send it via “password protected” pdf files. Anyway, I will post it on Support page. Thanks for pointing in the right direction, though.

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I have a pro and don’t recall receiving the info, although it was mentioned that I would. I may be mistaken, but the reason is because of the pass through. Otherwise, you should be good to go. It’s only to legally cover themselves. Believe it or not I still have all my finger and toes AND eyesight, even after “looking to the light” …that’s my two cents for what it’s worth…good luck and have fun with it.

Thanks so very much for your encouraging words. I am more worried about voiding the warranty by ignoring an important instruction. But now that I have some reassuring words, I will move on… I still however feel that I deserved some response to my email from the support ! Even an assurance is some support !.

Thanks again…

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Message support, they will send you an email with the information telling you not to look directly at the laser, through the slot or otherwise… I waited for the information as well as the safety glasses that the advertising for the Pro indicated would be supplied, but weren’t… :confused:

Its funny how they mention in the general manual that LSO material is a password protected material only for Pro users and that it otherwise cost over $1,000, but they have made a deal with some expert…" That’s what got me concerned that it is beyond the basics !

Yeah, a lot of hype for some common sense laser operating guidelines… but the degree of their liability hinges on the ‘password protection’ which is used to prove that you actually opened and presumably read the document, thus knowing now not to look at the light. :wink:

It’s also only class 4 when the Passthrough slot shields are removed.

A lot of folks are using the Pro for business. Being a class IV laser, OSHA requires you to provide your workers a safe and healthy workspace, and while a LSO may not be explicitly stated as required, it is implicitly expected.

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You are correct, but the main problem with the LSO file provided by Glowforge is the delivery, or rather the failure to deliver something which OSHA expects.

Glowforge goes out of their way to make a big deal out of the LSO training material, but they treat it as if its of no importance. The expectation they set with the purchaser is that there is actual ‘training’ which will take place, when it’s nothing more than some additional reading material they are expecting users to read and understand.


The original trainer has to learn it from somewhere. It’s not trainers all the way down. That’s turtles.

i have a pro. did not receive that package initially. had to ask for it. what they sent essentially said. do not look through the slots or if you do, wear these sexy goggles.

I just completed my LSO Training, I thought I was supposed to get a badge ?


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You have a laser. You’re supposed to make one. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well… that’s no fun!!! (well it IS fun!)