Lucky casino chips


Meeting the family in Reno to celebrate our 25th anniversary so I made everyone lucky casino chips :grin:


Neat! :grinning:


Hopefully, no one gets down to their last dollar, and —with an overdose of alcohol in their system— decides to play the lucky chip to win.


Okay… so two chips for Poker, maybe Clubs and Spades on the reverse side?

One chip for Horseshoes… not exactly a Las Vegas staple… but I could see it being in there somehow.

But the Cherry? Are you going to play Pacman? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh my, any die-hard lover of the one arm bandit knows the cherry! Pacman was not even a fleeting thought in a young programer’s brain when the cherry was already considered an iconic slot symbol. :smirk: When I started gambling we were still carrying around plastic buckets full of quarters. And yes, slot machines really did
have one arm, not wimpy little pushbuttons lol :cherries:


You forgot the lucky 7s!


I was going to use them! It got a bit confusing having the 777 under the 25 though so I ditched the idea. :blush:


Ah… I can see that happening… maybe could’ve thrown boxes around them… or have the middle 7 bigger.

Either way awesome job!


Same with Horseshoes as with the cherry. Three Horseshoes!!! Winner, winner!! Chicken Dinner!!


Great idea!! Have fun in Vegas, congratulations on your 25th, and don’t pawn your :glowforge::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Anniversary Congratulations! :confetti_ball::cupid: cool chip idea for the occasion!


Ah, forgot about those count-based payout systems!

I think coin making will be my most common job on the machine. So fun.


Great idea for a family gathering. Hope it brings you luck and good times!


I so remember the actual one arm bandits…lol. Also lugging around the buckets of nickels, quarters or silver dollars. No penny slots back then…lol
Your hands got so dirty too…lol

Love the chips!!


Is that 2-layer acrylic then?


No, red acrylic engraved and then filled in with Sharpie oil paint pen.


Oh how 'bout that. Some fine detail there… did you use that paint pen prior to removing your masking? or are you just way better at this stuff than I’ll ever be? :slight_smile:


Hahaha, not better, just different maybe :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t use any masking as it seems to gum-up when engraving. I colored the chips using the medium tip Sharpie as the fine tip version didn’t work. I kinda stayed inside the engraved lines and just cleaned up the the overflow with alcohol and a textured rag. I’d do a bit, clean it up before got too dry, then do the rest. It took two coats to get the white you see.


Nope. Definitely better. I’ve become impatient as I’m middle-aged. If I couldn’t paint it while masked, I’d’ve given up. You, on the other hand, have skill! :slight_smile: