Luggage tag: sewing wood to leather



I made this practical little tag out of scrap leather and proofgrade maple hardwood. I had some issues getting the right cut settings for the leather and realized that the lenses and lasery-bits needed to be cleaned. After a little light housekeeping, everything cut like a charm… mostly.!


It didn’t attach a photo.


oops! Photo coming


Turned out very nice!!


Nicely done. I had thought of several projects that involve wood and leather together but had not gotten there. Glad to see it works well.


Really enjoy this! The font adds that little touch of modern!


I love this tag! It’s giving me purse ideas. (Oh, and don’t forget to weed the tiny bits!)


Oh how unusual! What a great idea to combine materials! :grinning:


I love this concept! well done


That looks fantastic!


Very Cool. If you leave Portland, you’ll have to make a new one.