Luggage Tags as Client Gifts

Had fun designing these for a friend who’s financial/investment advising company, Revalue, does values-based, triple-bottom investing for clients. Their logo is the words as seen here with three lines below-- so, I built off those three lines for the design. Did these out of 1/8 inch cherry ply-- I thought they might need 1/4 inch to feel sturdy enough but the 1/8 feels just fine. They’re 4 inches by 2.5 inches. She’ll add cords.

Used one of the map projections from the great files from @timtsuga! IMG_2990 IMG_2991


Very nice. I like that design.

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Well Done!

Here’s what I use for my (metal) cords. 30 for $8.00 on Amazon.
Metal Luggage Tag Cords

Thanks, @todd.hassell, for that! I’ve bookmarked those.

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