Lumosforge is here!

Awesome! (They look like they are going to take over from you, pretty quickly!) :smiley:


Where did you come from? I thought you were gone. :grin:

Last check for Weekly Highlights entries before shutting 'er down for now.

(I can read entries from the car, but trying to handle shifting images and links is just about impossible on that phone.) :relaxed:

Let the party begin… :confetti_ball::flags::dizzy::boom::dolls::gift:


The Founder’s Ruler photo with your duaghters made the GF worth all the money :slight_smile:

I hope y’all have a blast using it.


I still have not had a turn, but the kids are headed to bed now!

A few things I wanted to mention before I start to play.

It is wonderful! Such a lovely piece of hardware.

We took about 30min from the opening of the boxes to first print, but we were not in a hurry at all. We were oohing and ahhing at everything and inspecting as we went. The hardest part of the entire setup was the compression rings on the vent duct. My fingers were sweaty from the excitement and kept slipping open as I tried to slide it over the exhaust port.

Registration on the network was easy as one would expect. We were soon looking at the initial designs to print and mean daddy said we need to do the ruler first. Proofgrade in the tray and my youngest was honored with the first button press. We were all mesmerized as it cut our first test.

Everyone noticed the faint smell of smoke while it was cutting. Much like the smell of campfire on your clothes. Not objectionable but noticeable.

It was actually quieter than I expected. From the pre-release videos, I was getting a bit concerned about the noise. We were all standing around it watching and conversing without yelling. The sound outside is also less than I was expecting, and my exhaust run is very short. A pleasant surprise.

I am going to have to get used to some level of smoke residue and ash inside the unit. After just two prints (the deep engrave of the photo frame is what did it) there is a haze on the lid glass and tube. The Glowforge is so darn pretty, it pains me to see it.

Okay, now its my turn!


Yeah! I’ll keep an eye (ok, both eyes) on your work:grin:


Cool congrats.

When I first used the Pre-Release I noticed some smell during a cut. Was unable to get a perfect seal at either the GF vent or the window vent with those clamps. I used standard metal foil tape like that used on Heating/AC ducts at the two connections and the smell went completely away. Of course the residual smoke/smell will still enter the room once you lift the lid.


Hahaha–you staged that first photo just like that one scene near the end of Raiders Of The Lost Ark (on purpose?)

Congratulations and have fun!


Funny you mentioned that. I 1/2 thought about laying a coil of my ribbon LEDs in the box so it looked like light was pouring out as they opened it. No one had time for my nonsense…down to business!


That is a good pointer. I will carefully seal both ends. Have a fresh roll of foil tape on hand too!


Ooh, someone will have to take it to the next level with melting faces!


Congratulations!:confetti_ball::balloon::champagne::tada:. Looks like you had the best crew possible working on it :smile:

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Enjoy your turn! It was very kind of you to let your kids take the first turn. From the photos, it looks like they had a lot of fun - hope you do too :slight_smile:


Not perfect, but that was no fault of the :glowforge:. For my first ever laser experience I am very happy!


Ditto on the worm drive hose clamps. The spring clamps work well, but you do have to keep fiddling with them and snugging them.

It may not seem much, but you might want to look at that hard twist of the vent coming out the back. the Glowforge exhaust is rated for two 90s in the hose. You have three and those two at the back could be an unnecessary bottleneck. I have noted that the straighter the hose, the better the exhaust and less smell. Might make a difference, might not, but see what you can do. I compress the vent hose and wrap it to keep it as straight and as short as possible.

And I hope you are having fun!


So that’s where my scale went I knew it would show up again someday! No but seriously congrats on the delivery and I think your the first to check the accuracy of the founders ruler (to my knowledge) against an Architect’s scale.

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having worked with some lasers before i think a 30-minute box-to-cutting stat is still pretty great!


omg congrats!!! Such a great series of unboxing photos- and I love the nickname you chose!


So awesome! Have FUN!!!

I was looking at that last night. And I totally agree, it pains me to see it! I’ll have to re-read the cleaning instruction because I really want to get that haze off of both the lid and the tube!


Oh, I almost forgot in all the excitement @dan and GF staff . We also did not find the white foam block inside our unit and yes, the magnetic lens was tilted and needed to be reset.