Luna Moth

This weekends make…

Sooo… I love Luna moths. But I also am soooooo frustrated about their existence. I first saw one when I moved to Virginia and it was so beautiful.

Then my neighbor ruined it for me when he informed me that they cant eat when in their adult stage. This lovely creature hangs around often and I still just don’t know if it would be a mercy to squish them (but I never would). I wish they could eat. The idea that they just exist to starve to death… Therefore, I love them but ughhhhhhh…

Either way, I designed a full dress around the idea. For now there is just a picture of the back where I engraved the suede with the passthrough function of the glowforge. The front of the dress has stars engraved on it.

By the way, this is my foster fail, Reuben. He has one eye and cant see out of it but he doesn’t appear to know that. He is kept on seizure meds because of how often he doesn’t slow down. Cant see a thing but happy as can be and runs into and off of everything.


I think Reuben has a great attitude.


He is the boss dog in the house. Any toy he wants and can figure out it is around him, he will take it and the German Shepherds all let him have it.


I had a lethal aussie, aussie, aussie he was deaf,
but the most lovable smartest dog I have ever met.

That jacket is kick ass,


Lovely boy! This is a wonderful tribute to such a beautiful creature, I love seeing them.


Your neighbor was right, kind of. The sole aim of a moth throughout its adult life is to find a mate and reproduce to facilitate its species’ survival. An adult moth, therefore, does not require as much nourishment as a larval moth. In many species, the adult does not eat at all. They are just there to find a mate and breed.

That said, I think your dress is lovely! (I too have a boss who likes to sit on my shoulder.)


They just exist to have sex and are totally focused on that? I was not aware that Luna moths were included in that lifestyle but it is very common among flying insects.
If you could find fabric that color particularly the part that fades to yellow. I think that you might get a really stunning result.


A blind dog and starving moths…life can throw you curveballs for sure, but it does seem to carry on regardless of the challenges it sets before us. Nice work on the suede!


Lovely dress, lovely puppy!


Beautiful dress! And cute puppy!!


I know there are a few insects that just mate and not eat but Luna is one of the few that doesn’t event have the option to eat in their adult stage. They have no capability to even if they wanted to.

I had ordered in some green and blue suedes but they are a bit darker then what I was expecting. I am trying some stuff with fleece which will have many more color options. As well as wool.


Beautiful work and a slightly horrifying bit of information. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


Cicadas rather famously are similar as well several groups of moths do not

While moths are notorious for eating clothing, most species do not, and some moth adults do not even eat at all. Some, like the Luna, Polyphemus, Atlas, Promethea, cecropia, and other large moths do not have mouth parts.

Regarding clothing, it’s not the moths that do the eating. They are in the category of ‘don’t eat before you breed & die’. It’s the larvae that do the damage.


Love the dress. And three cheers for Reuben the Blind Cyclops! :smiley:

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