M&M Catapult for Teaching Quadratics

Hmmm…Maybe Goldfish crackers as well (people treats)?

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Great project! Thanks for sharing all of your resources!

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It’s so cool to see someone else make this. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for posting this! I teach POE and this is a great lesson!

What a brilliant lesson plan! Thanks for sharing the design.

So many ways to use the Glowforge in the classroom! Love it!


For some reason, i cant get to the file. I was hoping to make this for my daughter to give to her physics teacher before she graduates and i have no idea what i am doing wrong

ok think i got it

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That’s what I was about to post. It’s so weird that there’s not an obvious link to select. That should be fixed.
Let me know if you need help @aumanjoi , I can send whatever you need.


Actually I am struggling on how it goes together. Not sure which pieces go where exactly

I love catapults! Thanks!

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Let the physics teacher figure that part out LOL


Below is the link to the Fusion360 project. I think you can use that to get a general idea of what pieces go where. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time right now to create instructions on assembly, but maybe I can do that over the summer. Let me know if there’s a particular piece, or step, that is confusing.


Oh Man, when the students get good enough they could launch them into other student’s mouths (with proper eye protection of course!)


Thanks so much for this, a couple math teachers tried this at my school I made 10 of them for their groups, they used beans as a projectile. I also created a double sized arm for them to try a different variable. Here’s a slowmo Youtube video:


I love how it bounces! and am now curious how it would effect the shot if it didn’t bounce…

Yea we thought about adding weights to the base to stop that or attaching it to a 2x4 or some bigger piece of wood to steady it.

Thanks for the photos and videos. Hope another year doesn’t go by before we hear from you again.

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