Mac Command Key Coasters

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I thought the symbol would make a great drink coaster. Maybe cedar? What’s a good wood for a coaster?


Almost anything if you glue a sheet of cork on top. Maybe offset a bit.


This would really go well as an inlay with veneer or just use two different hardwoods and glue leather as a backer or felt. Or the cork. I just haven’t found a cork that I can laser. Needs to be about 1/8" and even then isn’t the best.


I was thinking of just cutting them out and adding a couple of coats of spray polyurethane.

Judging by the comments, it looks like the ability to laser cut 1/8" thick cork has more to do with the thickness of the material and laser power (ie: 40W lasers dont do well, but higher power does).

You really could use anything, the exposure to moisture will be pretty minimal, compared to building outdoor structures.

Cedar, Cypress, Redwood, White Oak, Mahogany and Teak are some of the more naturally rot resistant woods but they are dense hardwoods and might be tough to cut on the laser.


I say white acrylic inlaid with the black symbol, also in acrylic, and a cork bottom. Nothin’ says “Apple” like shiny and plastic.


Teak or Bamboo would hold up quite well, Cedar is also used outdoors quite a bit so it could hold up here as well.

If you coat the wood with Polyurethane, that will put a barrier between the liquid and the wood so you could use most any kind of wood at that point. A think coating of Epoxy should also work as a liquid barrier


Bamboo might be my goto wood for the kitchen and dining area. I have a coaster at my desk at the office and the biggest annoyance is that it will stick to the bottom of the glass and then fall to floor after I walk away.


All good ideas… I’m thinking much simpler…most any wood…as long as the rest of the tree is Removed! :joy:

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Got my glowforge this weekend. Going back to my old posts and updating will actual projects now.


They turned out great! (Worth the wait.) :grinning:

Nice work!

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