MacBook Air Engrave

So, after playing with our new Glowforge for a week (and lurking on this forum for years), I took the plunge and engraved my 8 year old MacBook Air.


I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. There is a striation in the lower legs where the laser skipped. I’m thinking maybe uploaded files are stitched, if they are over a certain size? The apple is slightly off center too but that was my mistake when I placed the circle of protection over it. :slight_smile: You can see that it’s aligned well when it’s cutting.

My method for getting the height in the correct range without the crumb tray is low on math. I marked the garage door with a Sharpie at crumb tray height and then loaded up sheets of draft board until they matched it. It turns out that 10 sheets is exactly the height of the top of the honeycomb. Each sheet is 3/16"; so I removed as many as needed to work. Too much material for good air flow while cutting probably but just fine for engraving!

This is definitely our new favorite toy!!!


Whoops, finished pics didn’t upload for some reason. Here they are:


Fabulous incorporation of the apple into the horse…don’t most horses love apples? :smile:


They do! I thought that using the apollonian gasket was fitting too. :wink:


Looks very smart - love the design!

Did you do the gasket yourself or is there software that can do it?


Thanks! My hubby wrote me an app about 10 years ago in PDL that fills any outline with appollonian gaskets. I’ve always thought it was a stunning fractal! There are generators though, if you’d like to play with it. This one is cool:

Gasket Generator

This one is a tremendous amount of fun too:

Interactive Generator


Oooh, new toys!!!


Welcome and thanks for posting! What a cool design. I love the generated gaskets.


What a beautiful design! Can’t wait to see what else you create!


Stunning turn out!

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could you share engraving settings? (Speed/power)
thank you.

The Glowforge app has built-in settings for engraving Apple notebooks. That is likely a good place to start, at least. FWIW.

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settings removed, as requested The most important thing is to have your height completely accurate and your surface as level as possible. My MacBook Air had to be propped up 1/2" on one end to get it level. Good luck and have fun!


thanx I will try :slight_smile:


Nice! I never thought to engrave my apple TV remote. Now I can’t stop thinking about it!

@lysandra Just a heads-up about a non-intuitive forum rule: Glowforge doesn’t allow discussion of settings for non-Proofgrade materials in any category besides Beyond the Manual. The whole thread likely will get moved to the Beyond the Manual category if the settings stay here. Alternately, you can create a new post in Beyond the Manual, link it to this one then, edit your settings post in this thread to point to that.

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Although a MacBook is in fact a supported “material”.

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Manual settings for PG materials also belong in BTM, per @Dan. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, a Macbook using the Glowforge-provided settings is a “supported material.” Manual settings, however …

I am sorry I wasn’t clear. Please refer to the “Safety First” section here: