MacBook Etching


How did you plan to engrave on it? By removing the cover or leaving it attached?

The thickness that you need to enter into the Unknown Materials slot will be the distance from the surface of the material to where the top of the tray would normally sit.

If the whole thing is thicker than about 1/2 inch, you’re going to need to remove the tray and set up a support to bring the whole thing into the correct range for engraving.

We’ve got a couple of tutorials that explain it in more detail.


Thanks, I’ll go over your tutorial. I plan on experimenting on them whole, since I might have some people asking me to etch their computers, I want to have an idea of what I’m doing before anything else.

Thanks again for the help


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My two Macs. 99 power, 1000 speed, 225lpi.
I prefer the thinner lines on the MacBook, compared to the thicker ones on the pro.


Nice. How’d you make them white?


Sweet! I like the thinner lines too.



I etched my MacBook last night using a calculator (linked below) from another thread. I think it worked pretty well. It turned out a little pixelated, but I like it. I used 75 power, 1000 speed. Not sure what the LPI were.


Tray Removed - Calculator - Updated?


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My first cut - on a piece of an old MacBook. I’m pretty happy with it


I’m just getting a 404 on your link.


Just fixed the broken link


I’m trying to do a Macbook Air, so am I supposed to remove everything and make my own base so this will work? I tried one pass set to HD Engrave and nothing happened. just a few very light brown areas from the text I put there.


Hello. Your best option for finding out more about doing that would be to do a search here on the forum. I just typed in “engraving macbook” and several posts came up. Best of luck to you.


Thanks, Im new to GF community. Just got my machine and there is so much i’d like to do.


Well, welcome to the forum. I think you’ll love it here. Looking forward to seeing your projects!