MacBook Pro engraving -- What NOT to do

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tings for Macbook pro and started the pattern on the laser using the score settings, not engra

Can anyone on here describe how to get around the apple logo without damaging it? I am new to Glowforge.

Best way is to use a pattern that just doesn’t go there. That’s what I plan to do on my next laptop!

Could also cut a circle of aluminum foil and place it over the logo with a little spray adhesive or something… Maybe a few layers of it… Just as an extra safety measure on top of making sure the pattern goes around it.

If you read my OP up above, you’ll that’s exactly what NOT to do. :slight_smile:

it’s been 15 months. I can barely remember what I ate for lunch today. :smiley:

Perhaps a silver dollar? :rofl:

I wonder if there’s a market for CNC cut steel Apple logos with a rubber backing. Are the logos the same size on all Apple laptops/iPads?

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I think it would still conduct heat down to the plastic. You’d need something non-thermally conductive that’s thick enough to isolate the heat of the beam from the plastic. Given the temperature of the beam, I don’t really know how thick it would need to be, and I’m not planning to experiment when I finally get a replacement laptop, because I really prefer my screen not to have these splashes of “sunlight” across it. :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure you could just pull that cover off, tape up the logo on the inside and eliminate those “splashes”.

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* Checks eBay for surplus space shuttle tiles. *


Think those would work. Might be too small. Too tired to break out my macbook pro to check the size of the logo. But regardless they do make small round ceramic tiles/plugs. :slight_smile:

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