MacGyvered Workspace

Hi all! Thought I’d share my mix-n-matched setup in prepping the workspace. I’ve been rather quiet on the forum but like many of you, have been gathering mental notes and comparing what you all have suggested along the way. Maybe it will help to see some of these links in one place with visuals of the combined solutions.


As mentioned in the past by a few ( @andistarnes @lairdknox to name a couple ), I went with a modified Ikea hack for the table and flat file material storage. All in, this setup came out under $120 or so…


For my window unit, I picked up a couple things from Home Depot… combining a Louvered Vent cover with a detachable Quick Connector, running through two sheets of 1/4" foam core that I had lying around.

I sandwich the two foam board layers with some fat double-stick tape, traced a circle around the Dryer-To-Wall connector and hand-cut with an exacto knife. The fit was perfect! Holds tight without needing to use any screws or adhesives.

You can see in the photo that I used some scrap cheesecloth to act as an insect screen. The quick connector will make it easy to remove the hose from the window when I want to take it down.

I don’t intend to leave it installed in the window all the time, just when I want to use the GF, so weatherproof material wasn’t necessary (rain likely wouldn’t treat the foam core well). But I did add some sticky-backed weather stripping to the edges to form a good seal when in use.

At first my intention was to use this as a temporary solution and eventually replace the foam core with wood or acrylic, but actually found the foam core to be somewhat ideal in that it will bend with a bit of pressure, making it a lot easier to get it in and out of the window frame. All said and done, that window unit cost under $25, not too shabby!

Our GF Pro (dubbed Southern Oracle, after the all-seeing all-knowing laser-eyed Sphinxes from The Neverending Story) arrives tomorrow in Dallas, woop! Ordered mid-afternoon on Day 2 for those keeping track. Fingers crossed for a clean happy box with all four handles intact. Just in time for us to leave for a week-long vacation, but no doubt I’ll make time to share a project or two before we leave this weekend.



Nice setup! Congrats on the new 'forge.


I used the same weatherstripping and vent cover on my version! The HOA made me take it out so I am in the situation where I just put it in when I am cutting.


Nice Job! Thanks for the pictures!

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Certainly! I figured it takes a small mental leap seeing the vent cover listings online and imagining how it comes together. I would have taken pictures of cutting the foam core and all that, but lighting was poor at night and really… I was just too excited to put it together to grab my phone :smile:


The big question: Is this from the old MacGyver or the new one?

Seriously, nice work.


Nice job there! Plenty of storage.

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Haven’t seen the new one! any good?

IMHO no. The old one it was part of his character - just who he was/type of guy. The new one feels more artificial and stilted about macgyvering.

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The whole ‘building an anti-bad-guy device from bubblegum and paperclips’ certainly felt more natural in the older one. But then again, Stargate and MacGyver–Richard Dean Anderson–'nough said.