Machine delayed again

Hi all,

I got message from glowforge that the machine is delayed again. Instead of december now I will be getting in july 2017. This is utter nonsense and joke. What makes even wonderful is they delay not by a week or month but straight six months every time. Chinese are 1000 times better.

How many have yo got this message

Looks like I have booked a holy grail.

Everyone got this message…no need to post it here on the forum as well. I’ll I can say is read through the post about the capabilities of what this machine can and will do and you will see that the chinese lasers are not even close.
But as stated time and time again, if you are not happy about this or the delay, they are more than happy to refund your purchase and you can go a different route.


The official thread for discussion about the delay is located at Schedule update (December '16) - If you want the most up to date information, I recommend you follow and comment on that thread.