Made a box for 4x4 ceramic tiles that hangs on the wall

tile (2.4 KB)



That’s lovely. Thank you for sharing!


Thank you :pray:t3:

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Nice looking box but I do not see the file in your dropbox.

Thanks for posting, @peteb! Can you attach the file to your post?

hmm it should be there it just looks blank. it was to large to put on here. i havnt shared files much maybe ill find a better way

That didn’t work either. Try zipping the SVG file first, then drag and drop it onto it’s own line in a post here. (The forum has some limitations that we need to work around.)

To clarify, the link to your Google Drive works just fine - but the file that is uploaded there is blank

tile (2.4 KB)

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an a side not i should have done triangle spacers instead of the big square inside. would save alot of scrap

Great! That came through. The files are off of the artboard, so folks will need to zoom out to see them, but they’re in there. Thanks for sharing the file! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the share!! Glad you’re having fun with your Glowforge!

That is an awesome box!

I am sure that it is operator error, but I still can’t see the design. Any help on what I am doing wrong is greatly appreciated.

If you downloaded the .zip and then open it, the art should be there but off to the side of the art board - so the view/rendering functions don’t see it - but it’s there when you actually open the file

I readjusted the design to the artboard before I used it, so this should be easier for anyone else wanting to use it. :slight_smile:
tile box


thank you

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Thank you. I’ve been planning to get around to one of these myself and I appreciate you sharing!