Made a couple of things this weekend: iPhone stand and votive


The wife and I were able to spend the better part of an entire weekend using a Glowforge. Here are 2 things that I made. The inlay of the votive design was done by me in illustrator, based on one of my favorite designs. Same goes with the tree design on the iPhone stand.

For the stand design and build - I found some reference inspiration on Pinterest and whipped up some plans in illustrator for the main pieces. My wife is better at 3D thinking than me so she came up with the innards and a key/locking mechanism to hold the cord in place. Overall we probably spent 12 hours: 10-ish designing and maybe 2 printing made up mostly of a few test cuts, and some other work that isn’t pictured here. So much fun was had.


iPhone stand:


Wow! :open_mouth:


Nice! Beautiful work!


I love the stand… especially integrating the charging cable.


Would it be possible for you to describe the process for the engraving on the phone stand? What did you do to get it to engrave that deep?


This is a screenshot of the current engrave UI for proofgrade walnut. He just had to click the engrave step and then choose the shade he wants.

Proofgrade™ Auto-detect Question

Wow, now I love the proofgrade idea even more.

Entertaining the kids today?


That is about as good as my art skills ever get.


I’m trying so hard to be good.



Part of that is a trick of the light. Part of it is an engrave, and part of it is a cut on the top board and not the bottom (it’s 2 stacked pieces of 1/8" walnut). Dan’s right, though. I could’ve just engraved the whole thing and got a similar effect.


This sheds a whole new light on how powerful Proofgrade can be. Instead of worrying about depth my 9 year old daughter can pick how she wants it to look. Absolutely, brilliant.

Bravo sir, Bravo!


Both of these are so pretty–really nice proportions and designs!




Bravo to your wife’s skills.


Holy. Smokes. You already know it, I know. But that’s a whole new realm of things. Wow.


Very nice, inspiring work!
Thanks for sharing as a public beta, looking forward to more from your talented team!


It’s funny - I guess I’m spoiled. I’ve never made anything with a laser before and never used anything but Proofgrade, so it seems pretty easy. The only learning curve for me was getting used to futzing with paths in Illustrator. :slight_smile:


On the votive, @dan, do you know what the red material used is…looks like etched acrylic??


It’s actually clear acrylic with an engrave pattern on it. I put a red LED light in it for a cool effect.


Beautiful work!!