Made a home for Glencairn

Made from Proofgrade Walnut. Started with design and then adjusted in Illustrator. Took awhile and a lot of draft board to get the kerning and material thickness correct so that it locks together without glue. Used .05" acrylic for front.


Nice! Looks luxurious.

Cheaper suggestions for prototyping:

  • Cardboard
  • Home Depot tempered hardboard
  • Fusion 360 (virtual assembly!)

The CAD solution is the best, because it lets you put an exact material width as well as adjust for kerf. I’ve used far less prototyping material after switching over to CAD for complex designs.


Nice result and lessons learned.

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Totally agree. Still learning Fusion360. How much does the hardboard typically run?

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$9 for a full 4’x8’ sheet. Hard to beat. If it were smooth on both sides, I’d use it for more than prototyping (still do now and then).

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They also have 2x4 sheets for around $3, which is a handy size to keep around.

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Looks great!

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